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Basic Skills for Listening Mercedes



The course aims to raise awareness on the interactive nature of the listening process and on what it is expected from students when they encounter a listening activity. It provides students with an opportunity to listen to a wide variety of authentic listening/video listening materials. It also offers students input on topics connected to everyday contexts and areas of their interests and experience through content units. Besides, it provides students with the chance of building up a vocabulary bank and set of ideas about each area while at the same time working on improving their listening comprehension abilities.

  • Carga virtual: 2.5 hours of asynchronous work in EDU. A F2F class: 1.5 hours of class

  • Idioma: Inglés

  • Institución: UTEC

  • Modalidad: Online

Objetivos Especificos

By the end of the course, students will be able to feel more confident when encountering listening materials. They will also be able to understand how different pronunciation features play a role in understanding oral input. Last but not least, they will exit the course with a wide range of ideas and an expanded vocabulary bank from the different topic units dealt in the syllabus.

Habilidades y competencias a desarrollar

The course will be centred around developing the following listening strategies:
-Listening for gist and listening for detailed information
-Understanding how intonation functions to highlight information.
-Considering the tone of voice and word stress within a sentence to communicate feelings, attitude and intentions.
-Understanding the difference in rhythm between English and other languages.
-Recognizing contractions, word boundaries and connected speech.
-Identifying discourse markers, linking expressions and key vocabulary
-Understanding speaker´s purpose and attitude: suggestions, invitations, offers/requests, contradictions, assumptions, instructions.
-Differentiating facts and opinions.
-Understanding different degrees of formality and registers.
-Engaging students in pre-listening, while listening and post listening so as to commit students to be active during the whole process.
-Making inferences when information is not stated or missed. Guessing the meaning of unknown words.
-Stressing the importance of predicting and activating background knowledge as essential during the listening process.
-Detecting signposts: recognizing rhetorical markers of definition, paraphrase, exemplification and clarification
-Understanding spoken data: graphs, statistics etc.

UTEC - Certification Medal

Tipo de certificado de aprobación

To pass this course, you must:

– Attend all lessons (please read Syllabus and Wellness Statement).

– Participate actively and responsibly during lessons.

– Complete 80% of online component (written productions and activities on EDU).

– Complete the final assignment (30% of final mark).

UTEC - Certification Medal

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El estudiante debe contar con con nivel A2/B1 del marco común europeo de referencia (CEFRL).

Cuerpo Docente

Victoria Soumastre

Docente de educación media en instituciones públicas y privadas desde 2008. Ex-becaria Fulbright. Docente de español como lengua extranjera en EEUU durante 2015-2016. Docente encargada de inglés en ITR SO (Mercedes y Fray Bentos) desde enero 2020. Cursando una Maestría en Metodologías Activas de Enseñanza en UCU.


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